WoWJapanizer Curseのほうに長文で熱いコメントが届いていたので、転載して翻訳します。沢山の方に翻訳をご協力いただいたお陰で、想定外の方の助けにもなっているようで大変うれしいことです。





Bravo !

I wanted to say thanks for this add-on. Helpful in more ways than you know. I lived in Japan for 8 years. After moving back to the U.S. a couple of years ago, my wife and I went through a lengthy immigration process so that she could come to the states. Very different situation here (in a semi-rural area), no trains, no easy to reach Japanese community, very different culture. This add-on has helped her, of all things, practice -English- in a virtual social context.  By having access to the Japanese translation, she doesn’t get overwhlemed and can use WoW as a learning tool. It also helps her engage with an English-speaking community. Just looking at the statistics on Japanese expatriation, I imagine that we are not the only ones using this for functional intercultural and educational reasons. I can imagine that English speaking expatriots also use it in Japan, to engage with native Japanese there who are interested enough in either the game or the person (most likely the person) to get involved in this channel of social interaction. So, in case it hasn’t been said before, what you’re doing here is bigger than an add-on: You’re facilitating intercultural relationships. Bravo!



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