Guild Introduction for English Speaker

We often receive whisper to ask to join the guild from English Speaker since we have high pop and high activity of PvE/PvP.
The answer is always same and simple.
– Accept anyone who can chat and read in Japanese regardless the nationality, gender, ages etc.
– Never use voice chat due to the guild policy. no exception even for the raid or RBG.

a reasonable number of English Speaker already belongs to Himawari.
However, most of guildies don’t know who is the foreigner since we communicate everything in Japanese without voice chat.

Typically, the following cases meet to belong Himawari.

  1. Japanese who live in U.S. or whatever none Japan region.
  2. Foreigner who lives in Japan.
  3. Foreigner who want to maintain Japanese skill outside of Japan.

Please do not assume this guild as a free Japanese language school.
We are here to enjoy playing WoW just like other guilds.

We gladly teach Japanese culture if you can communicate in Japanese, but do not teach Japanese language itself.



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